There’s Nothing Trendy About Struggling


Whilst scrolling through my Facebook feed a few weeks back, I saw a post about an article in The Independent that left me fuming. It focused on a blog which claimed that being transgender has become the latest way to be “cool”, especially amongst teenagers. WHAT. THE. FUCK???Read More »

Here, I Am


I’m not going to lie, the last few months have felt the loneliest ever. Confusing as fuck too. The more I try and dig for answers, the more frustrated I get with the world. Well actually, not the world…frustrated with me. Ultimately, it’s not the world’s fault I’m like this. If I did have any issue with the world, I suppose it’d be because it doesn’t seem very tolerant of stuff like this. Whether I ignore this or try to figure it out, there is something which shouts up from the back of my mind, trying to make itself heard. I think it’s the answer to all of this. Turns out I kind of knew all along.Read More »