I Can’t Haunt A House If It Haunts Me Too

Cosmetic Surgery

As much as I’ve wanted to write over the last few days, I’ve had so many thoughts flying around inside my head about insecurities, worries or what I should be doing, that I can’t even think straight. It’s been so overwhelming and I’m not afraid to say that I’ve really struggled to stay focused or positive.Read More »

Same Shit, Different Day

Shit Calendar

Right now, I’m really close to just giving up. Yesterday has shown that no matter how frustrating my life is, I will always be given more shit to deal with. Liberally piled on top of the shit I have already. I’m pretty gutted as the couple of days before that were really difficult due to not being at work (it was May Day bank holiday). After spending 2 days at home struggling to reach the end of each day, I was looking forward to being back at work and having something to distract me. But no.Read More »