Head Or Heart?

Heart Or Head

Despite being really apprehensive about it, I had a really great time last weekend. Phew!! Meeting my best friend’s boyfriend for the first time wasn’t too formal, which really helped my anxiety. He’s a nice guy. Seeing my best friend for the first time since telling her about everything wasn’t scary at all either. In fact, it had the opposite effect: it gave me more hope.Read More »


Why Me??


There are approximately 7.5 billion people on this planet. Each one is busy getting on with their lives, dealing with whatever each day throws at them. I’m 1 of those people, only I’m really having trouble dealing with each day. So many questions need so many answers, even at this stage. The main one is “why?” Of all the people on this planet, of all the possible lives it could happen to, why do I have to suffer with a gender identity problem?Read More »

Why Am I Writing This?

Disrespectful Twat

I’m not like a lot of people you’ll meet. I’m different. Very different. How? Well, for a start, I’m a guy who wears make up and has long hair. I’m not exactly what you’d class as “manly” and certainly not a “typical” male. So why now? Well, a few months ago something happened that really made me realise a few things. I know I’m different and I know everyone around me thinks the same. Only, I never realised it’s a difference which they’ll never understand or accept. A difference not even I can understand, let alone fully accept.Read More »