The Empty Hourglass

For those that have followed my blog since I came out, you’ll know that I’ve had so many frustrations along the way – especially when it comes to the current NHS provisions for trans healthcare. Whilst I’ve always tried to remain positive and to keep busy, all that’s done is paint over the personal cracks. The fact is, after 4 years of waiting, I am still on the waiting list for my chosen gender identity clinic (GIC). The legal guideline for waiting is 18 weeks. The waiting list is getting longer but I’m not getting any younger. Enough is enough. Even long before the global pandemic, the system was broken…and that’s why I’m taking legal action against NHS England.

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It’s Ok To Not Be Ok. Ok?


After quite a few meltdowns in a very short space of time, I decided I needed to get my arse to my doctor before things got out of hand. Well, even more out of hand than they already were. At first I thought I could manage it on my own. That I had the experience and knowledge to tackle the growing anxiety and depression which dominated every single waking moment of the last few weeks. Turns out I was very, very wrong.Read More »