Feel The Same

Sophie Lancaster

Music, something we all connect with. It doesn’t matter what genre you’re into; when you hear music you love, it touches a part of you that nothing else can. I remember when I first picked up the guitar and started teaching myself some basic open chords, my dream was to make music that connected with people.Read More »


Mesmerised By Music


On Saturday, I had another rare outing. Yup: another gig. Everybody’s looking at the band, not me…plus I love music, so it’s perfect!! This time, I went to see Courtesans and Esprit D’Air in Manchester. Being from Manchester originally, I love going back whenever I can. I know of Esprit D’Air through their singer Kai, who I met last year when I was touring with The Birthday Massacre. He was playing bass for another band that was touring with us. I found out about Courtesans through somebody I know. Since then, I’ve been addicted to their music. Dark, full of feeling, genuine and catchy as fuck. I came away from the gig feeling…I don’t know…motivated?Read More »

Take Me Away From Here

Last night, I was at another gig. My friends are currently on tour so I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity to see them – especially as one of their songs really sums up how I feel a lot of the time. Needless to say, before going to the gig, anxiety kicked in. That familiar feeling of dread, panic and uncertainty which would only bring with it social awkwardness.Read More »

Mirrors All Around Me

Kermit - 45 Seconds Quote

Normally, I prefer to stay at home, away from a world that frustrates me and one that I can’t really be a part of. But I also like helping people too…and that does mean interacting with people more than I’m comfortable with – especially people I don’t really know. I was approached by a customer turned friend, who told me about an event her friend was organising and asked if I wanted  to get involved by donating a prize towards the raffle. It was for charity…I leaped at the chance. When realising they needed more help, I offered to do whatever I could to make sure the night was a success. For the past few weeks, I made it my goal. It was my focus for the last few weeks.Read More »