Progress Update: No Progess Made


It’s been a few days since my wife and I had a long chat about all of this. Apart from a couple of very slight references to the subject, it’s not really been brought up or mentioned at all. If anything, it’s just been business as normal, which makes me wonder: did I explain myself properly at all?Read More »

Let It Go

Tiananmen Square

Last Saturday night, less than 2 weeks after what happened in Manchester, London suffered a terrorist attack. Another one. Yup, this was the second to hit London in the space of 3 months. You can’t help but ask yourself why this kind of shit needs to happen. It’s fucking senseless.Read More »

Fuelled By Fear


Well this week has been a really tough one. As well as the terrorist attack, I’ve been ill and run down, plus I’ve been trying to pull myself out of this rut which I seem to have become stuck in. Not even being able to take paracetamol for how I’ve been feeling has made me feel even worse. But I only have myself to blame for that. Just the idea of taking something opens the door to wanting to take a fuck load of painkillers – especially to help me cope with this week.Read More »