Newquay Is The Place To Be


For the past few days, we were at Boardmasters festival with my best friend. If you’ve read any previous posts, you’ll know how much I hate social events due to being so self-conscious and feelings of not fitting it in. But it was different this time. In the past I couldn’t wait to get away from whatever the event was, but since getting back from Boardmasters, I’ve been really down.Read More »

Master Of Puppets


I’ve felt more isolated and withdrawn from the rest of the world recently. I can’t talk to my other half as it’s still a topic that’s ignored and I don’t want to bug my best friend about. Instead, I have millions of thoughts inside my head with nowhere to go. As much as I’d love to talk confidently about this to someone and keep feeling the need to say more to people about me, a bad experience in the past makes me think twice.Read More »

A Change In Perspective


It’s been a really difficult few days, full of mental ups and downs. One minute I’m really down about everything and can’t see any point in doing anything, the next minute I have this sudden urge to not give a shit and just tell the world. For somebody that was so embarrassed and ashamed of feeling this way, it’s a huge development for me. So what’s happened?Read More »