Your History Is Mine

When you think of LGBTQ+ history, what springs to mind? Is it a particular person? A moment in time? It’s the first and one of the longest events of the queer calendar year…and perhaps one that is more likely to reach mainstream audiences than others. It’s a chance to learn about our past and to celebrate those that made it possible for us to openly exist today. There will always be people who moan that the world’s gone mad because there’s a day or week for everything now…but this isn’t for them and we can’t let them drown us out. I mean, what kind of person is intolerant of something that firstly, could help others and secondly, probably doesn’t even affect them?! The kind of people who will allow Remembrance Day but not Trans Day of Remembrance? Bigotry is alive and kicking. And that is exactly why queer calendar events must happen.

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Evolving Attitudes To Evolve Activism

I’m a trans activist. That’s something I never thought I’d say. I never set out to be one. But hang on, what is an activist? What do you think of when you hear that word? Let me guess: angry people holding placards, shouting and chanting? Somebody facing off against the police? Am I close?!Read More »

Makeup Has No Gender

Over the years I’ve come to accept that change is needed for us to move forward, to grow and to adapt – for the better. Since coming out as transgender, I do honestly feel my life is better. I’ve been released from a prison and I cherish life and a future. But that’s from 2017 onward. What about life before that?

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