Talk Is Not Cheap

Flat. Hollow. Irritating. As if I was talking into an empty jar. That’s how I’d describe my voice. I’ve always hated it. The sound of my own voice makes me want to just run head first into a wall. But how can I hate something that’s an integral part of me? Easily. These days, I rarely listen back to podcasts or interviews where I speak. If there are others talking, I’ll just skip past my bits. But how long can I was I expecting to keep avoiding this for?

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Happy New Year?

Happy New Year!! A little late, since the start of 2019 was a few days ago…but better late than never, right? I hope you all enjoyed the festive period, whatever you did. I know a lot of people are glad to see the back of 2018. For me personally, it was a bit weird. So much happened but, at the same time, not very much happened.Read More »

Here’s To You


As much as people say I’m brave for stepping out and being who I am, I don’t feel it. I don’t feel brave, nor do I feel very confident. Do I feel some kind of peace? Yeh. Do I feel relieved at not having to live in denial? Definitely. Having to hide who you are purely because of other people around you, or because of how society views you is fucking shit. I know this through experience. But what about the people that don’t or never transition?Read More »