Full Circle

Rainbow Reflection

This month has been crazy hectic. With so much going on, I’ve not really had chance to write about what I wanted to. However, with this week being Trans Awareness Week, I thought I’d make the time – especially as it’s also been an important couple of weeks for me. A perfect chance to reflect on recent events.

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Sick Of Hearing Your Thoughts Out Loud


Eva Plays Dead

Last night I got to catch up some awesome friends who I’ve not seen since I announced to the world that I’m transgender. They’re also the band who gave me my name: Eva Plays Dead. I don’t want this to be an unhappy post but a few things did happen last night which left me very unsettled.
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Nice To Meet You

Name Definition

My name came about by accident really. I’ve always hated the first name my parents gave me and so I’ve always used the shortened version. Most people would call me by that shortened version but there were some people who didn’t give a shit about what I preferred (despite me even introducing myself by the shortened version) and just called me by my full name anyway. Disrespectful eh?

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