3 Days To Go…

Countdown - 3

Today is a slightly better day than yesterday. I think being back at work gave me something to focus on, so I didn’t have to drown in my own thoughts. In 3 days time, I will be going to see a doctor about all of this. They’ll be the first complete stranger I tell. I’m worried. Worried about how they’ll react, whether they’ll judge me or what they’ll even say.Read More »

Who knows? Who knows.


Looking different is bound to attract attention. It goes without saying. I try not to go out at all but when I do, I expect to attract the attention of ignorant, small-minded people. Whilst I find a lot of this comes from certain demographics, it can come from anyone. It wears me down, it pisses me off and it ruins my ability to live life…but I guess that’s the price I pay for looking the way I do. However, Monday introduced me to a whole new level of ignorance.Read More »

Something For People To Laugh At

Staring Ostrich

Being a male that wears make up and has long hair, I get stared at. I get laughed at too. It’s only a matter of time till somebody hits me for looking the way I do. Some people walk by blatantly staring whilst others try to be sneaky, looking away when caught but trying to keep their eyes fixed. A bit like dogs when they’re after your food and you catch them staring. Dogs are genuine though. They just want food. They don’t care what you look like, they’ll love you no matter what. Not like people.Read More »