One Of The Guys


Here’s a question: why is it that guys love women who can be “one of the guys”?? They make such a big thing about it don’t they? Whether it’s playing sport, playing in a band, drinking a shit tonne of alcohol and getting wrecked, playing video games or just generally doing things which are normally associated with male behaviour. Yet it can’t be the other way round: a guy can’t be one of the girls.Read More »

So Many Questions, Not Enough Answers

So following on from my last (and first) post, things have been weird. I can’t put my finger on it if I’m totally honest. I feel scared, worried, ashamed and even disgusted. But at the same time, I feel a slight sense of relief. Like I’ve just bought myself a bit more time.Read More »

Why Am I Writing This?

Disrespectful Twat

I’m not like a lot of people you’ll meet. I’m different. Very different. How? Well, for a start, I’m a guy who wears make up and has long hair. I’m not exactly what you’d class as “manly” and certainly not a “typical” male. So why now? Well, a few months ago something happened that really made me realise a few things. I know I’m different and I know everyone around me thinks the same. Only, I never realised it’s a difference which they’ll never understand or accept. A difference not even I can understand, let alone fully accept.Read More »