Tell Me A Lie In A Beautiful Way

Adam & Eve

Until recently, my life didn’t really have any kind of future. To be perfectly honest, I never even expected to make it this far. I am pretty surprised. I always thought that living a lie would be the end of me. Even after accepting yourself, not knowing how the world will accept you is a big thing. You end up latching onto things that you see and use it to protect yourself. Little white lies for the sake of self-preservation. The biggest lie for me was that the world would hate who I am.Read More »

The Biggest Step, Ever

Bowling Ramp

I wanted to write this yesterday but I couldn’t. My emotions were all over the place and my nerves were shredded. After months of thinking and a lifetime of struggling, I finally did something about it yesterday: I went to my doctor and asked to be referred to a Gender Identity Clinic (GIC).Read More »