Look At Me Now

It’s that day again: Trans Day of Visibility. A day where we celebrate, remember, push forward…and show that we deserve our rightful place at the table we call life.

It’s important to remember that not all gender diverse people can be visible, nearly always through no fault of their own. Today, we are visible them too. There is no equality until all gender diverse people are equal and can be their authentic selves.

Here’s a the video I did for Jecca Blac‘s Trans Day of Visibility celebration this year. I’m so honoured to be a part of this brand as one of their ambassadors. Jecca Blac is a gender-free makeup brand which promotes inclusion and empowerment through being individual. Their products are not only gender-free but cruelty-free and vegan too. It’s a brand that’s truly about you.

Lots of love to you all on this day, and every day 💜

Featured image: via Jecca Blac

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