My LTC Journey

Transitioning isn’t an exact science. There’s no single answer that can be applied to everybody. We’re all individuals, with individual needs and individual medical histories. What works for one person may not work, or even be suitable, for another. That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to find a healthcare service provider that not only has your best interests at heart but one that listens, understands and works with you.

Last April, I visited London Transgender Clinic (LTC) for the first time, to discuss my facial feminisation surgery (FFS). I was totally blown away. From the moment I walked through the iconic front door which I’d previously only seen on ITV’s Transformation Street, the friendliness and warm welcome hit me like my first coffee of the day. Everyone was sooooo nice and welcoming. Most importantly, genuine. I knew I’d made the right choice. I went ahead with my FFS a few months later (you can read all about, and see, it here) and by November, I’d switched to them for my HRT. The fact that all services are under one roof is amazing. I don’t have to forward reports from one provider to another, nor do I have to wait ages for a response to a query…only to have to chase it up again. Everything is seamless. As it should be!! I’ve experienced other trans healthcare providers at the start of my journey but LTC is a different league altogether. I’m not a number or just another patient. It’s like being welcomed into a family. That’s why I love them. And that’s why I am so totally stoked to represent them. Yup, that’s right…your girl is officially London Transgender Clinic’s Brand Ambassador!!

Time to fess up…I’ve been dying to tell you all about this for a while now!! With all that’s been going on in my life (and in the world) since this year began, I’ve just not had chance to get things finalised. Since the UK was placed into lockdown because of the global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it’s been even more difficult to get stuff done. But being quarantined at home isn’t going to stop me from representing an amazing team who’ve dedicated themselves to the care and wellbeing of the transgender community, nor will it stop me from being there for people who need help, advice and support. Thanks to the internet, we’re all connected. And LTC are still connecting with their patients online, which is fantastic.

So what made me decide to take this step? Quite simply, I trust and believe in them. LTC not only embrace all their patients, they work their arses off for them. It’s a known fact that Mr Chris Inglefield is a world class specialist surgeon who has dedicated much of his career to the transgender community. I can say for certain that Mr Inglefield and the team are the reason I found confidence in how I look. I’ve experienced the high level of care, the attention to detail and the talent…and I want to share it with the world. Plus, LTC and I both want to do all we can to make things better for those in the community – especially with healthcare being such an important element of our transition. How times have you been to your doctor about something only to come away not knowing any more than before you went to see them? Or like they didn’t have time for you? Sucks, doesn’t it?! As patients, we open ourselves up to healthcare professionals. From asking for help to talking about our struggles to quite literally whipping our top (or pants) off and standing there half naked during a consultation…it’s when we’re most vulnerable. Well, I never felt vulnerable whenever I went to LTC. In fact, I felt empowered. In addition to coming away with a prescription or a quote for surgery, I always came away feeling euphoric.

I’m honestly sooooo excited for this opportunity to be able to pair with a clinic that’s always welcomed me and will continue to welcome so many others.


Main image: by me

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