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As some of you may know, I absolutely love pandas. I mean, what’s not to love about those bamboo-loving, forward-rolling little babes? They’re an icon. A symbol of hope and determination to just be themselves, regardless of what the world thinks they should do. They’re survivors too. Until recently they were critically endangered. Yeh, human intervention (such as dedicated sanctuaries and breeding programmes) have helped…but pandas still do things their way. Like me, pandas love to sleep too. Haha.

So given my love of pandas, and love for wanting to make a difference and help people, I’m really stoked to be a part of Trans Panda, the awesome new label set up by Jordan Santamaria aka The Real Trans Guy. It’s a range of clothing and apparel for all genders and identities. The range features loads of cool designs and styles, which are as diverse as the LGBTQ community itself. Whether you want to make a statement or be low key about things, there’s something for everyone. But that’s not all. Just as the pandas needed a bit of external help, Trans Panda’s aim is to donate proceeds to trans-specific organisations – providing help to those that need it.

When I found out about Jordan’s idea, I fell in love with it. Not just because of the panda link either!! If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you’ll know I struggle with the frustration of not being able to help or fix everything for everyone. When people tell me something is wrong or they are struggling, I will always offer advice or find a way to help them. Having spent most of my life not fitting in and suffering from mental health issues, from self-harming to trying to kill myself to depression and just really detached from the world, I know all too well how lonely and crippling it can be. If I can help even just one person and save them from going through the hell I went through, then I’ll be happy. But why stop there? I’d be even happier knowing that what I’m doing can make a difference and help a lot more people, which was one of the reasons for this blog in the first place.

At some point, I had thought about setting up a label but the thought of nobody being interested or not being able to push it has put me off a little. I’ve seen many independent labels die due to lack of interest or knowledge of how to stay on trend. At least this way I can be part of something that I know will work, and something I believe in. You never know, maybe one day I’ll create my own tee after all? Until then, please do check out the Trans Panda site. There are lots of big and exciting things planned so stay tuned. Think of it as an awesome way to help people, whilst looking reeeeeally fucking cool at the same time!!

Featured image: via Trans Panda

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